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-After you have received confirmation of the Item(s) you have Won, please inform us if shipping services will be required.

-All shipping is done in-house and sent via the United States Postal Service quoted at the standard rate. 

-Shipping charges will be added to all payable invoices, plus a $5.95 handling fee per packed box. 

-All payable invoices for items being shipped will be sent within seven business days after the close of an auction.

-All invoices must be paid within ten days or receipt.

-Emails, voicemails or messages sent through other means to let us know you need shipping may not be answered, but we do see them. The volume of emails and phone calls after a sale ends make it prohibitive to answer all of them.


-All winning bidders will receive an email after the night an auction fully closes. This email will have a link to schedule a pick up date, and time.

-The payable invoice will be sent once the bidder has scheduled a pick up time, and must be paid prior to picking up, unless paying cash. We cannot currently accept credit cards on site.

-Pick up times are scheduled on a first come, first server basis. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please email us to let us know.

-We understand that it's not always possible to be on time, but we ask that all bidders make their best effort to show up as close to their scheduled time as possible.

-Any bidders who show up without a scheduled appointment will be required to schedule one for no earlier than the following day.


-Once all lots are fully closed the night an auction ends, all winning bidders will receive an itemized non-payable invoice.

-A payable invoice will be sent once a bidder has either scheduled an in person pick up, or arranged for shipping. Invoices for items being shipped will be sent once a bidders items are packed and we have shipping charges to add to the initial balance.

-We do not us CurrencyPay (HiBids built payment processing system) we invoice everything through PayPal, and pay all processing fees.

-Because we do not use CurrencyPay, no cards on file will be automatically charged for any items a bidder has won.

-Invoices must be paid within ten days of receipt of the payable invoice from PayPal.

-Do not make payment prior to receiving the payable invoice.

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